What students are saying…


Fabulous teacher.
Makes every class fascinating while encouraging student feedback and participation.

S.M. Los Angeles, Ca.

Learning with Rav Ron-Ami is incredible.  That is because he wants you to get the pshat (the meaning of the text) and he will not let go until you have it!   He allows you to work through the sugya (discussion in the Gemara) and develop your own line of thinking and then shows you the correct path to get to the meaning of the text.

D.P. Skokie, Ill.

Rabbi Meyers possesses infectious enthusiasm for Torah which shines throughout his classes and makes learning from him an exciting and inspiring experience. His love of Torah, and his joy in teaching it, means that whether lecturing or teaching more informally, learning from him is both stimulating and captivating.

S.G., London, UK 

Rabbi Meyers was able to present text in a manner that was both clear and understandable. He really challenged me and enabled me with the skills to think critically. As a mentor, he was able to guide me on a path of spiritual growth. I felt that I was able to grow tremendously in my Torah studies as a result of Rabbi Meyers’ instruction; he gave me a foundation in textual skills that I have been able to build on and will (with G-d’s help) continue to build on in the future. 

S. L. Brooklyn, NY

We live in a small Jewish community where Jewish education is insufficient and Jewish educators are scarce, and in 2012 we were fortunate to find Rabbi Meyers …He was quickly able to assess my daughters’ levels and make appropriate recommendations for their learning program. Rabbi Meyers initially learned with my daughters himself, and we found him to be a dynamic, joyful and very effective educator. He has excellent technological skills, and not only had no difficulty navigating the interactive functionality of the videoconferencing platforms, he was able to guide others remotely when they were experiencing technological problems. When my daughters were learning I would walk into the room and even found myself drawn to listen and learn, because of his infectious enthusiasm and unique, inquiry-based teaching style. Eventually, he arranged for my daughters to learn with another exceptional teacher, and to this day, nearly five years later, they continue to have a wonderful learning experience with her.

K.H. Irvine, Ca.

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